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Spicing It Up For The Big Day

Want to look for something to spice it up for the big lovers holiday?  Try something different and hot.  Here are a few tips on how to get it hot for the night!

  • Start with some mouth to mouth there is nothing like some heavy kissing to get the ball rolling.
  • Using a vibrator to send some good vibes to your partner
  • Hot ice use an ice cube on each other to tantalize the senses.
  • A edible massage lotion can really put things in motion
  • Chocolate doesn’t just have to cover strawberries. cover your lovers sweet treats and devour.




Valentines Day

Valentines Day is tomorrow?  Be ready for both your spouse and your lover!  Also a sure fire way not to get caught with having an affair is to make sure you are with your spouse.  Unless your spouse is not around i.e. out of town.  In that case if love the one your with.  This little step can not only save your marriage but save your affair.  Make a plan to set your own Valentines Day separately with your fling.  That way everyone is taken care of.  If you are alone and looking for a little something fun on V Day check out the Ashley Madison Network and other links to find a love on the big day.  No matter what you do or who you spend it with Happy Valentines Day!

How To Make Your Choice

You might be wondering how to choose the right partner to have a fling with?  What should you look for?  What shouldn’t you look for?  Well the choice is up to you.  That is what is so amazing about married dating you have the ability to choose from thousands of people looking for sexual satisfaction  in an affair just like you.  There are many men and women, young and old, single and married looking to have an affair with someone just like you.  The great thing is you have to ability to choose!  So go online now and make a choice its all up to you.

The Singles Sex Life Regained

Do you dream about your sex life when you were single?  The freedom to go out and do what you wanted with who ever you wanted before you were married?  Or now that you are a little older and have been in a committed relationship for a while you miss the excitement and the fulfillment of being with more than one person.  You might have only been with that person for years and long to sew some of the wild oats that were never reaped.  You might even feel like more of a sexual being now than ever before in your life and would like to experience more than what you currently have.

Many people feel this way, they are happy in their relationship or marriage but are not being fulfilled sexually.  That doesn’t even mean your not having sex,  it just mean that the sex is unfulfilling.  The same thing, same position, same routine, not that its bad, but it sure as shit isn’t great.  Well you don’t have to leave your current marriage you just need to seek an affair.  How to do that is look to online married dating,  these sites can help you meet a lover discreetly to carry out a fling.  You don’t have to be unhappy in the bedroom anymore find what and who you are looking for and regain your single sex life again.

Should You Or Shouldn’t You


Should you or shouldn’t you?  That might be the questions to are asking yourself over and over.  Should you lay there in bed alone and unsatisfied?  Should you stay up late watching TV because you know there isn’t anything going on in the bedroom?  Should you watch some porn on the web just to get off?  No you shouldn’t!  You should get online to meet someone to have a fling with! Something simple, something quick, something easy!  This is what you should do! Check out all the awesome links to the right and stop being alone, unhappy and unsatisfied! So if the question is should you or shouldn’t you!   You shouldn’t be sexually unhappy and unfulfilled and you should have a discreet encounter and start married dating today !




Wanting to talk dirty to get things hot and horny before you meet or to see if that discreet encounter is going to be all what they said they are.  Try some sex texting.  If you can’t write a couple of nasty text how are you going to be able to perform the dirty deeds.  Texting adds some real excitement to your affair while keeping it spicy.  Sexting is a fun and pretty harmless way to get an affair started.  Just be safe and make sure what you write on your phone you delete after every message you definitely don’t want your spouse to snoop around on your phone and find something they shouldn’t.  Enjoy yourself but don’t get caught!

Meeting For A Date Online


So you want to meet your lover but either you or them can’t make it happen.  Either they live to far away or both of your schedules in your private lives aren’t coinciding.  Plan a date online, set up a chat with each other. Of course this is much better with a webcam, then just your normal chat session.  A video chat let you see and talk to each other while being somewhere completely different.  This way you can be with each other even if your not together.  Start with maybe a drink and a glass of wine to get the mood started and feel free to start the naughty talk,  you can show each other all kinds of goodies through the camera.  Maybe play a game to see who has to take what off first.  Pleasure yourself in front of each other.  Take turns or do it together.  Girls get out your vibrators and show him what you want him to do to you.  Guys show her how you liked it stroked!  This can be a truly educational date as well as thrilling.  After this encounter just think how good its going to be when you finally get to be with each other in the flesh.  So if you cant directly be together you can still cum together.

Give Your Lover A Gift He Will Love


Forget the flowers and the chocolates for your lover for Valentines Day. Stop worrying about what would make the best gift.  Give him an amazing blow job.  That’s what he really wants.   Lick it, suck it, stroke it, until he erupts in your mouth! Pleasure him to completion, and he will return the favor. So forget all the clique Valentine Day gifts and give him the he will certainly enjoy and appreciate.

Married Date Ideas


So your looking for some fun married date ideas.  Something to ignite each others desires.  Here are a couple ideas to keep hot and discreet!

Order In- Plan a night of oriental delights. Place lots of pillows on the floor, with take out sushi and a fun message oil everyone will have a happy ending.

Spa Night- bubble bath, foot massages, strawberries and champagne. A relaxing and stimulating evening all in one!

Body Paints and Black Light- So you really want to get funky?  Try some body paints and a black light and get your avatar on.  Just make sure they are washable!

Arabian Nights- hookah, spicy foods and sweet sugary treats. Try an edible massage or lotion and pull out the Kama Sutra sex positions book of love and find your perfect pleasure position.

These are just some fun ideas to keep it exciting and fun. That’s why you are here to add excitement and fun back in your sex life. So go outta the box and you might find your lover will enjoy it too.

Social Media and Affairs


These days social media is all the rage, everyone is Face booking and Tweeting about their lives and everything and everyone in it.  Along with married dating!  So your thinking why not find your lover on one of these networking site and check out their profile or message them.  This is strongly discouraged!  Making contact with your married dating partner through social media is a big mistake!  These accounts are hacked regularly and your spouse is probably going to be watching your account very closely especially if any suspicions have ever arose.  Its best not to ever write or have any contact with your lover through these accounts.  Its amazing how many people can see what your posting and something you think is private is soon to be not so private.

Play it safe and keep social media out of your affair and away from prying eyes!

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