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How To Avoid Affair Dating Scams

You should know that 90% of affair websites are created by or filled with private investigators looking to catch or even blackmail you. Don’t get us wrong, these aren’t investigators hired by your wife (though that’s possible too). These people either work for the dating service or for themselves, and have spent years baiting cheating husbands into their scams and traps. Once they collect your personal information or catch you in the act, they will force you to pay them a large amount of money or deal with the consequences of them telling your spouse what you’ve been up to. It is a shame that these kinds of criminals exist, but learning to recognize them takes away theirĀ  power to trick you.

The Signs of Private Investigators and Scammers

-The person you think that you are talking to online may be a private investigator if she/he wants to know too much personal information about you (first and last name, spouse’s name, etc)
-Refuses to talk with you directly over the phone
-Begins shamelessly confessing feelings quite early before they really get to know you
-Starts being vague, repetitive, poorly written without much personal info
-Converses with you about a financial crisis or need they need your help with
-Is a woman on one of the affair dating sites we do not recommend

Avoiding Dating Fraud

Recently, media has shed plenty of light on internet dating scams. The traditional “Nigerian scam” in which a person claims to be a prince needing help hiding a treasure, has been evolved and adapted online dating sites. Online scammers will trick you into believing they need money for a plane ticket to visit you, and then disappear once you wire them the money. They will shower you with pre-written emails, hoping that you fall for the illusion that they actually care about you. The variations on the scam are endless but they have one thing in common- you end up screwed either financially, emotionally, or both. One important rule is to look cautiously at all emails including spelling, grammar, etc. You may find that their emails don’t have a lot to say about you, and could have been sent to anybody.

Scammers know just how to gain the trust of unsuspecting people. After starting a relationship with you, some will go so far as to send small gifts to you to demonstrate their “kindess”. Once they feel you have been softened up, they will suddenly bring up a sum of money that they require to move from their country or something similar. Do not be fooled by the trinket gifts they send you, as they are counting on being paid back with plenty of interest by making you believe them.

Remember These Tips and Do Not Fall Prey to Private Investigators and Scammers!

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