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Closing the Deal

Flirting is an art form! A skilled flirter incorporates many statements that come off as humorous, non-offensive, original, and creative. Playful teasing is usually the best way to flirt, like teasing her about misspelled words or other light things. Another method that works is picking something goofy or funny from her profile and poking fun at it. For example, if she is a Miami Dolphins fan, you might poke fun at their mascot or tease when they lose. Just don’t take it overboard. It’s all about being charming, natural, and witty. The emphasis is on natural, because if the statements you make don’t flow naturally you will seem strange or fake and ruin your chances. It is not a hard thing to be charming either; this is mostly about displaying your basic intelligence and not looking like a complete idiot. Not too hard to do over the keyboard, right? Anyone can do this! As already stated, making your potential lover laugh is a fast shortcut to her heart (bed), but don’t try too hard to be the next Kevin Hart. Just be yourself instead, letting your true personality shine out. Your mindset has EVERYTHING to do with how women see and treat you. The most unattractive man can easily bed a supermodel just by having the right attitude and right words at the right time.

In order to actually connect with a woman you see online, you have to get her phone number, IM screen name, or setup a meeting. And yes, you can set up a meeting during your first conversation, but only with the correct timing and confidence. Otherwise, you will ruin your chances since you probably won’t get the opportunity to try again. As usual, the best way to ask if directly without being too pushy. And if she says no, DO NOT press the issue. Being aggressive is typically a good thing, but pushing against a solid “No” is a quick way to ruin the entire opportunity.

When and if she does say yes, don’t make too much of a big deal about it. Continue your text/phone conversations at the natural pace they’ve been going, while leading up until your first actual meeting. It feels good when a girl responds to your messages, especially when it is a long response that shows she is interested. But don’t get overconfident, there is still a lot of work to do if you want to turn a phone number into a successful affair.

Once you’ve began chatting, here is an easy list of tips and tricks to follow that will maximize your chances of success:
Get to know her a little before talking about sex. Build her trust! You don’t know her preferences and personality yet, so don’t run the risk of offending her by describing your sexual fantasies too early.

Avoid insulting your wife! Contrary to what you may believe, she doesn’t care or want to hear about your commitment. She knows what you’re here for, so focus on that as opposed to what you’re not getting out of your relationship

Don’t ask too quickly for her digits or be too pushy. This is the fastest way to ruin things and get ignored, so always remember this one!

Where To Meet Your Affair Partner

Discretion is the most important virtue to practice when having an affair. It should be obvious that inviting your new lover over to your house is a terrible idea, just as bad as her inviting you to hers. Try looking for a quiet, intimate lounge-like setting or something similar with comfortable seating or couches. Music that you both enjoy is a plus. Don’t take her to a bright and loud sports bar, unless that’s her style of course. Meet in the late evening around 8:00PM, because it’s after dinner but before their busiest time of night. Once the bar becomes packed, it’s hard to hear each other (you have to think about things like this!).

Once you are able to arrange a meeting, you are already almost there. The truth is that women have already decided before they meet you whether or not they want to sleep with you. So once you get together, sealing the deal is just a matter of staying on track with the interactions you have already started. Keep your wits about you, and don’t get drunk too early. Even more importantly, don’t get completely wasted at all, since this may lead to you oversleeping or otherwise ruining your schedule and raising suspicion from your old lady. You should typically be able to get in and out of the restaurant/bar in 45 minutes if you execute your process properly. Show up dressed nicely, and make a good first impression by giving her a big hug and a smile. Order her the drink of her choice and sit on the opposite side of her. Open up with a topic she will find interesting based on what you know about her, or just continue where your last online or phone conversation left off! If you don’t know much about the things she likes, you might as well do some quick research beforehand so you can fake it or at least engage. Once you have established a good presence along with good conversation, find a smooth way to ask her if she’d like to move the party to the hotel or place where you plan on having sex. At this point, she’s likely to say yes. Transitioning from drink date to hotel room is always a piece of cake.

Since you and your affair partner are most likely married, it can be challenging to find a place that you can hook-up without being discovered. You may have to get a little inventive to assure your success. The backseat of a car is completely cost-free but she may not agree if it makes her feel like a cheap whore. A more expensive but much more stylish option is to rent a hotel room. If finances are an issue, perhaps you can split the cost or take turns paying, just make sure that you pay in an untraceable way! Other than these places, any place can be chosen as long as it fits your needs of discretion. The middle of a cornfield may work perfectly for your situation, just remember to practice DISCRETION.

Just one more tip that people surprisingly seem to forget- USE PROTECTION. This is so obvious, yet somehow still slips some people’s minds in the heat of the moment. Don’t risk getting your lover pregnant OR putting yours or your spouse’s health at risk!
The Aftermath

So you’ve met up with your lover and made love, what now? This is by far the most important puzzle piece in having a successful affair, the cover-up. As discussed earlier, it is crucial that you have a firm awareness of everything you normally do and have been doing lately, so that you can maintain the appearance of the same routine upon coming home to your wife.

Shower immediately! Being caught with another girl’s perfume on you is the most stereotypical but common way to blow your affair wide open. Be thorough, your wife can tell more about some aspects of your body than even you can. Bring along a change of clothes if it makes sense for you, or wash and re-wear the same clothes you had if that doesn’t work for your routine. Check all clothing carefully for stray hairs, and make sure neither of your lover’s earrings is lost in your belongings (it happens!). Make it clear when you will be speaking to your lover again, and arrive home at the same time you usually would. If you traveled far, have an alibi ready in case your wife notices the outstanding mileage the next time she rides with you (some women do this!). Clear your GPS of the address to the hotel if you used it, so that it doesn’t somehow come up in the future when your wife uses it. Also, step outside of your perspective and try to see things through your wife’s eyes. If you come home whistling happily from what is supposed to be your day job, you may get asked what your sudden joy is all about. Be ready to deal with questions like these casually so that you don’t crack under your wife’s investigative pressure. If you have covered your tracks properly and employed the other strategies outlined in this book, she won’t have a bad thing to say to you and you will have gotten away with your affair’s first successful hookup.

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