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Laws of Affair Attraction

Be the Fantasy She Desires

The first step in a successful affair is a heathy attraction, and there are plenty of things you can do to make sure that the women who come across your profiles see you as the desirable fantasy she yearns for. That fantasy is typically a married man that’s good in bed and doesn’t resemble a Craigslist pervert. She wants to laugh. It’s a known fact that if you can get a woman to laugh, chances are you can get her to sleep with you.

While creating your profile pages, don’t strive to look like someone seeking a long-term commitment. All of the stereotypical “i like long walks on the beach” wil never do you any good here, since that’s not what these women are looking for. Try to find a balance though, because you also do not want to look like an immature sex-hungry tool.

Intelligence has alot more to do with dating sites than you may know. Women are attracted to intelligence, even moreso when they are getting to know you before physically meeting you. Almost no woman is going to glance at a guy and decide to have sex with him based purely on his looks, when they can go for the whole package instead.

Profile Picture Do’s and Dont’s

It makes sense to start with what not to do. Simply put, anything immature or perverted on your profile lowers your chances of being contacted. Yes, you will discover that most men have perverted profile pictures because they think that’s what these women are after. They don’t realize that they are portraying themselvs as the desperate nasty men women hate dealing with. What you SHOULD be doing is this: Take a good solo picture, in which you are dressed well and in good lighting. Smile! Even if weren’t blessed with the most handsome genes, have confidence because every woman desires something slightly different than the rest.

Profile Content – What Works and What Doesn’t

As we said, women are excited by intelligent men that can make them laugh. Being rich helps your chances even more, but isn’t necessary. When writing your “about me” profile description, speak on your honest desire to find a satisfying sex life with someone.

Do not write all about yourself, that makes you look self-centered. Spice things up with statements about your non-sexual interests, be funny (not corny), and DON’T complain about your wife’s shortcomings. This is obviously the case since you’re on an affair dating site, and women know this. Keep your written content upbeat and funny, without goign into too much details about fetishes you may have, etc. It is much more effective to save these things for when you get to know her properly. Your goal is to give a first impression that stands out among the perverts that populate most of the site. Be the mature, funny, and smart guy, and you will never be disappointed in your results. Uniqueness counts!

It’s a given that your chances of connecting with a woman are increased by having your profile seen by more women. The secret to maximum exposure is paying to become a premium member! They aren’t trying to trick you into spending more money on their site for nothing, you receive plenty of bang for your buck by doing this. Your profile will receive special treatment, possibly even appearing on the site’s home page every once in a while. As long as the site you are on is legitimate, you will notice the difference this makes right away!

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