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Making the Spark (and text/IM flirtation tactics that will get her to relax and open up right away)

Our Sure Technique: Recognizing Women Who Will Meet Up Quickly

Most men that join affair dating sites have been settling for a bad sex life for a long time. So it is natural that once they do sign-up, no one wants to now wait a long time to connect with someone. Here are a few signs that a woman is not planning on meeting up with you any time soon:

She directly says that she won’t meet anyone until she gets to know them awhile

She requests tons of personal information including your Facebook profile, etc.

Conversations with her tend not to lead anywhere constructive

She refuses to give you or cell phone number

She doesn’t ask you about your schedule or availability and doesn’t mention hers

She doesn’t compliment you much, or not at all.

In the online dating world, there are many women that are terribly afraid that their husband will find out about their affair. They take the first step of signing up for the site, but don’t have the boldness to actually meet with you. Avoid wasting your time with women like these, they will just run you in circles.

At the same time, don’t assume that a woman is easy because of something basic like how she dresses. Most women only do this for attention, not because they are genuinely easy. Feeling sexy helps a woman boost her feminine ego. A couple of real signs that a woman is easy may be:

•    Continuous complaining on her profile page about how her husband cheated on her
•    Indications that she isn’t looking to play games, like “needs something steady and ASAP”
•    Ask her directly: “Why do you want to have an affair?” Her answer will usually tell all!

Once you are chatting, women that are actually willing to meet up display obvious signs that are the opposite of the negative signs listed earlier. They will ask your availability, discuss tactics to avoid being caught by your spouses, give you their cell phone number, and perhaps compliment you repeatedly. You should be able to tell right away that she is ready and willing to have sex. Some women will even go as far as having the phrase “DTF (down to fuck)” on their profile pages. If you notice these signs, offer to meet her as soon as possible. Don’t waste extra time getting to know her online, that is something you can do over drinks in person. What you don’t want is for someone else to beat you to it, leaving you out of luck. Recognize the signs and take action!

Starting The Conversation

Starting and maintaining conversation can be the hardest part of attracting a woman for some men, especially if you are naturally shy in person. What you have to remember is this: the women that you are conversing with have a need that they are looking to have filled. This is not the same as you approaching a random woman in a public place that probably has her mind on errands or other things. These women are on the same website you are, and for the same purpose, so use this knowledge to your advantage. She wants more than the faithful husband she has at home, and it is on you to give her just that. Have confidence that she probably has the same reasonings and explanations for cheating as you do, a marriage without fun or passion.

Your first message to a woman online will make or break your chances of actually connecting with her. A proper first mail should strike a balance between being original, direct, funny, and agressive. Most importantly, you must make sure that it doesn’t fall under one of these categories:

Too short - Your message doesn’t give her enough information to decide that you are worth her time and interest.

Too long – You spilled too much information about yourself quickly (she probably didn’t even read it all)

Too perverted – There are women who are certified 100% freaks, but the probability is that the one you are messaging isn’t. Don’t start by telling her what you will do to her in the bedroom, it just won’t work.
Too romantic- Once again, there are a few women who the overly romantic approach will work with, but overall the hopeless-looking-for-love method is stale and unattractive to most women.

Example Message

Subject: You just found him

Body: “Wow it’s ridiculous how much alike we are! I get the impression you’re just a much more attractive female version of me, from our situations down to the fact that we’re both Laker fans. I may or may not have been told that I slightly resemble Kobe Bryant at times lol…
I’ve finally decided to be honest with myself about being in a sexless relationship and realized that I simply need more, so here I am messaging your gorgeous self. Instead of exchanging perverted pics, how about we talk about what we’re looking for over a few drinks this weekend?”

No lame clichés and cheesy pickup lines, just slightly witty but direct conversation along with a question at the end of the message so that she has something to respond to and keep the conversation going.
With a solid first message, you have the best chance of making the first impression she’s looking for. Even better, you can adapt that same first message for use with other online women once you find out what typically works and doesn’t.

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