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The Most Common Affair Mistakes

In general, women tend to be untrusting and will use sneaky methods to cure their curiosity if they sense that you are up to something. A woman will begin paying attention to every step you make, with a preciseness that you can only overcome by being systematic. Dealing with the pressures the come along with cheating are a crucial piece to a successful affair. More than likely, one night of sexual excitement is not worth more to you than your marriage, and so it is important that you take serious precautions to ensure your wife doesn’t find out. It is critical for you to pay detailed attention to your daily routine and everything else you do. The smallest of mistakes can easily cost you your marriage, and so here are the most common affair mistakes that we have discovered…

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Having an affair with a person who is single

It’s easy to make the mistake of pursuing the cute single girl that works at the mall. However, it makes much more sense to have an affair with a married/committed woman. This is because a married woman has less of a chance of becoming emotionally attached to you, which is great since you’re not looking for a second wife. She has a husband and maybe kids of her own as well, so she is looking to be just as discrete and secretive as you are. This is a great advantage, and makes things much more honest and straightforward.There is also less of a chance of crazy consequences if you decide to end the affair, such as broken car windows, telling your wife etc. A married woman typically will not act that way since they themselves have been cheating on their spouse as well in the first place.

Something to note is that cheating with a married woman or man requires a good amount of control on both sides of the affair. It is essential to have the discipline to know when and where is the right time for lovemaking. Do not attempt to have an affair if you are uncertain of the proper way to do things. This will surely lead in your marriage being damaged or destroyed, which is not your intention.

Talking about your affair

This may seem like common sense, but is actually a widely made mistake. Do not let ANYBODY know of your affair! This includes best friends, siblings, etc. Why risk the word getting out accidentally? Sure it might be fun to brag about the new woman in your life, but it will come back to hurt you in the end. The more people that know your secret, the less of a secret it becomes. The only one that should know about this is you. If possible, email your lover from a public computer at library or similar venue using a free email account. Never email from your workplace or home computer where others can pull up your internet history. Remember to always clear your cookies and history after you are finished with the computer. These are things that can NEVER be slipped on, unless you want your affair exposed.

Smelling Like Sex

Do not make the mistake of making love in your own home or car, where it is too easy to leave small suggestions or clues to your affair. Instead of becoming your own worst enemy, meet them at a hotl or motel and always shower after sex. No matter how good you think you smell, if you forget to bathe after sex you will smell like it. Put on a change of clothing and underwear and wash the old ones immediately. Your wife pays attention to details.

General Carelessness

On the subject of details, begin paying attention to everything you do. This includes things that you may think are completely irrelevant to your affair. It is important to get into the habit of being constantly aware of what you’re doing and your surroundings. Who is witnessing you do a certain activity? Who could find out about that activity as a result?

Men typically make the mistake of not asking themselves these kinds of questions. They get caught in the excitement of a moment, and end up overlooking the most basic of things which gets them caught. Good sex is a fun and wonderful thing, but it’s just not worth destroying your marriage over. Common sense goes a long way towards making good daily decisions. For instance, do not take off during strange hours without having a good reason. And not just a reason that sounds good to you because you want it to. Step outside of yourself and think from your wife’s perspective.  Keep a consistently low profile, always meeting in private if possible.

Even better if you can, setup your meetings in a setting or town where neither of you is known. Craft a reliable schedule with your lover of where and when you will be meeting. Don’t spend the night without having a bulletproof alibi, or your cover will definitely be blown.

Careless SMS and Call Logs

Learn the specifics of how your cell phone or smartphone stores SMS and call logs. Every phone is different! Every time you communicate with your lover, erase the message or call record. If your wife sees a phone number she doesn’t know on your call logs, you will be hard pressed to come up with an excuse.To avoid this stressful situations, tell your lover not to call/text you unless you have let them know it is safe to do so.

Instant Messaging is better than SMS altogether for many reasons. It is typically more difficult for your wife to get into your IM chat logs than your cell phone’s. Erasing your chat logs is very quick and easy to do after each conversation, even without alot of technological knowhow.

If it makes sense for you, call your lover from a payphone to avoid problems altogether. No matter what happens, never receive or call your lover from a shared or home phone. As a general rule, the lesscommunication, the better. So do not even send emails and texts if you do not have to; instead opt towards arranged physical visits that are much more rewarding than risky communications.

Paying For Your Affair

Unfortunately, having an affair is not completely free if you wish it to be a successful one. You should make sure that your wife never see a single thing on your bank account statement to make her suspicious. Do not think that you can randomly stay the night at the local Holiday Inn and pay for it with your bank card without having your wife asking questions. She also knows when you go out to restaurants and bars with your friends, so a purchase from one of these places will stand out if she doesn’t recall you going that day.

The way around these obstacles is to purchase a prepaid debit card and keep it hidden in a secure place. Load the card with just enough money for each time you need to use it, since a large amount of money missing from your bank account will arouse her curiosity. And ALWAYS replace the card to th spot you were hiding it in. Do not make the mistake of placing it in your wallet “just for a minute” and forgetting about it. You can’t afford to make those kinds of mistakes.

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