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Make the switch

Make the switch to sex.  Choose to meet someone today, tonight, now.  Stop waiting, stop wanting, stop procrastinating!  Just do it meet someone now,  get sex now!  Try out discreet encounters.  Make a change in your life and get what you always wanted without leaving what you already have.

How to Attract an Affair Partner


You might be wondering what to say to attract an affair partner. The best thing you can do is to be yourself because ultimately that is exactly who they are going to meet. So if you are wondering how to attract the opposite sex don’t there is someone out there looking for someone just like you and what you have to offer.  The best attraction is confidence and knowing what you want.  Not being wishy washy on your idea of an affair and married dating will help set the stage for what kind of lover you will meet.  Don’t be coy with what you are searching for only you are able to fulfill your desires.  So let your fantasies be known.  Let your rules be known.  Let yourself be known and you in turn attract exactly what you want.



If your lover or fling has a pet you need to be cautious of the hair and smells you might be bringing home with you as well.  Coming home with dog or cat hair all over your jacket or pants all the time and you don’t have pets or a different color pet, this could lead to suspicious and lead you to get caught.  Always carry a lint or hair roller with you that way any extra hair that you might have picked up while having your date doesn’t come home with you.  Make sure you dispose of the used sticky paper before you get home as well that way nothing is left to question. Make sure you brush yourself with it before entering your car as well.  This way there is no transfer of hair to your vehicle.  This can also cut down on any hair from your partner that might be on your clothes or car.  Its better to be safe than sorry.

Beware of Smell


When conducting an affair beware of smells.  I know as a women smells for me are a huge determiner of how I feel about a person.  Pheromones really can make or break an encounter.  If your nose is telling you no than more than likely take its advice.  Now also on the note of smells beware of perfumes, colognes, oils etc… Your spouse know your smell and the normal smells of the house and your car.  If you come home smelling different than you usually do or  your car smells different than that can be a big red flag that something is going on and you are going to get caught.  So for both you and your lover it might be a good idea to not wear any smells especially something that is going to get you or them caught.  So go with your nose, it knows.

Taste Good!

I am sure your wondering what this post could possibly be about?  Its all about taste baby.  If something taste good your more inclined to come back for more.  So here is a little list help in making your happy ending taste great for your lover.

  • For the Vagina to taste sweet and yummy- It is recommended to eat pineapple or basically anything that grows that smells sweet, mint, strawberries, watermelon etc… and lots of water.
  • For the mans cum-Plums, blueberries, cranberries are said to offer a sweeter taste as for meat and fish they are said to have a more buttery taste.
  • For both men and women alike- fennel and fennel tea adds a nice flavor if you are into black liquorish.

No matter what you might eat make sure you eat out!!

Another Disappointing Day


For a lot of us out there Valentine’s Day was another disappointing day.  Hoping our spouse would turn up the heat or even acknowledge the lovers holiday at all would have even been nice.  But unfortunately no.  We again are left disappointed and unhappy with our significant other.  We are looking for romance and intimacy.  Something sexy something hot.  Something and someone you don’t have to discuss the bills with or how your in laws are.  Well the great thing is you can have some romance and some intimacy.  You can have something sexy something hot in the bedroom.  You don’t have to spend another disappointing day not having your needs satisfied.  Look to married dating here you can have it all without turning your life upside down.  You meet, you enjoy and you return to your regular life.  Its that easy.  So don’t send another day being unsatisfied in your sexual life.  Look around today and make a change.

Hungry For More?

You have met with a lover and had a small fling and now you are hungry for more!  The exhilaration of having an encounter that made your toes curl and body sweat again makes you want it even more.  To have the need is not only a pain but a pleasure.  You might be thinking of how good it was.  The kissing, the touching, the licking, the rubbing, the softness, the hardness, how warm and wet and wonderful.  Well why stop at one great affair.  What about a couple discreet encounters?  See who really makes the fireworks set off!  The grass can be greener on the other side.  Maybe you want it harder, softer, kinkier.  Maybe you want more head more pussy eating.

Well you can have it!  That what is so great about married dating and discreet encounters you can satisfy that hunger without leaving your marriage or current relationship.  No drama, no string attached just satisfaction. Feed your need.

What A Girl Really Wants

What does a girl really want?  A man to want her, to lust after her, to swoon over her that’s what a girl really wants.  She wants to hear she is fine, she is a brick house, she is beautiful!  You want to know how to make a date happen well there you go let her know how you feel, how you want her, how you desire her and she will be yours.  Don’t use the same old pick up line for a fling.  If you want to have an exciting affair with an extraordinary lover.  The same old game isn’t going to work.  Be original and  don’t be shy on the complements.

Big Personality

Wanting to look for someone with a Big Personality?  Well there are lots of men young and old with plenty  of personality to offer. A lot of times they are not being appreciated  by their women for what they have to give.  You could really enjoy what these men are all about and they will be happy to please.  Don’t wait any longer find a man tonight. A man who is in need of some attention to his needs.  One who is more than willing to satisfy your needs as well.   Join now, look around, and meet a Big Personality!

Tonights The Night

Tonight is the night! Make a choice, Make it Now, Change Your Life.

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