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February 2014

Should You Or Shouldn’t You

 Should you or shouldn't you?  That might be the questions to are asking yourself over and over.  Should you lay there in bed alone and unsatisfied?  Should you stay [...]


Wanting to talk dirty to get things hot and horny before you meet or to see if that discreet encounter is going to be all what they said they [...]

Meeting For A Date Online

So you want to meet your lover but either you or them can't make it happen.  Either they live to far away or both of your schedules in your [...]

Give Your Lover A Gift He Will Love

Forget the flowers and the chocolates for your lover for Valentines Day. Stop worrying about what would make the best gift.  Give him an amazing blow job.  That's what [...]

Married Date Ideas

So your looking for some fun married date ideas.  Something to ignite each others desires.  Here are a couple ideas to keep hot and discreet! Order In- Plan a [...]

Social Media and Affairs

These days social media is all the rage, everyone is Face booking and Tweeting about their lives and everything and everyone in it.  Along with married dating!  So your [...]

Caffeine And Sex

Are you a big coffee drinker?  Do you feel like your sex drive is lacking?  Well maybe that lacking libido has to do with the fact you are drinking [...]

Valentines Day Gifts Beware!

 Beware of giving and receiving Valentines Day gifts from your lover.  This is a time when many spouse especially ones that might have any suspicions will be looking to [...]

Herbal Viagra?

 Herbal Viagra is this a possibility for me you might be asking yourself especially if you are looking to carry on a new love affair?  There are many to [...]

All the Way

Sometimes with affair and online married dating there is an assumption that you when you meet for the first or for the fifth time you are excepted to go [...]

Reach Out Of Your Circles

When participating in online married dating make sure you are reaching and participating far out of any social or business circles that could connect you to your private life.  [...]