The Story (Why We Created This Website)

We are a group of normal married men that loves sex but have unsatisfying experience with their wives or past wives. After the honeymoon stage is finished, sex often becomes just a job or a distant memory. We decided to upgrade our boring sex lives and seek the kind of experiences that would genuinely satisfy us. After plenty of research and adventures on both ends of the spectrum, we realized the good this information can do for men in similar situations.
Affair Dating Website Scams Are A Fast Growing Business

Sadly, there are plenty of companies with a full website setup just as an elaborate attempt to steal your money or even blackmail you. We are dedicated to presenting a complete, comprehensive affair guide because most of us have been caught or scammed using BAD affair sites. These sites go so far as to have phony reviews to get you to use them and walk into a web of Private Investigators and fake profiles. Getting exposed or tricked in your pursuit of sexual satisfaction is a scenario no person wants to go through, and we feel we can use our knowledge to benefit others and speed up the learning curve.

Like we said back on the homepage, we have done the research and heavy lifting for you. We have perfected the methods so that you can just plug-and-play them into your situation and have a successful affair. Most men that have an affair will get caught- we don’t want you to be one of the ‘most’!