February 2021

February 2014

The Acceptance of Affairs

In many countries  for centuries through out the world having  EXTRA MATARTIAL AFFAIRS was a norm and tradition.  In the east Geisha were brought up to entertain business and wealthy [...]

At Home

I was at home alone again,  My husband was gone on business for his job he is usually gone for about 20 days at a time out of state.  [...]

Do Yourself a Favor

Try something different in your sex life.   Get  a fling, a lover, a little something on the side.  Get yourself off and be set free.  NO STRINGS ATTACHED, no [...]

Meds and you libido

This might be a no brainer and one that you might have not really wanted to address with your lover.  Medication can really put a downer in the bedroom [...]

The Amazing Benefits of Water

The amazing benefits of water is simply amazing.  Bascially in so many situations  a cure all.  Since water makes up most of our body when we don't have any [...]

Don’t Get Serious

When having an don't get serious,  it best to keep your emotional feeling at bay unless you are truly on planning on leaving your spouses. A Fling is just [...]

Lounge In Love

The master of control this lounge in love position will relax  and stimulate the senses.  Have your lover sit comfortably on the floor leaning against some pillows or the couch.  [...]

Keep Your Germs To Yourself

When participating in an affair its really common courtesy to keep your germs and sicknesses to yourself.  If you are sick don't meet with your partner.  The last thing [...]

Make the switch

Make the switch to sex.  Choose to meet someone today, tonight, now.  Stop waiting, stop wanting, stop procrastinating!  Just do it meet someone now,  get sex now!  Try out [...]

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