I was at home alone again,  My husband was gone on business for his job he is usually gone for about 20 days at a time out of state.  I really get lonely it being just me.  I mean I love my husband and our marriage but not having any sex or very little when he finally does make it home was starting to be a real drag.  I was starting to lose self esteem and I wasn’t feeling sexual or sexy at all.  I was basically why bother it doesn’t matter there is no one around to see me so why bother doing anything there was no one to show or get dressed up for.  This started to turn into some depression.  I figured I needed to do something to start fulfilling what I was missing in my life.  Sure I had friends and a job but I needed something else and with my husband being gone it just wasn’t happening.  So I started looking online since I didn’t want to be asking around about meeting someone.  I wanted to meet someone discreetly as possible.  I also was not looking for a relationship or a regular dating site.  I wanted something discreet and hopefully someone that was in the same boat as me .  Happy marriage but just needed a little more in the bedroom and someone to fill that lonely  need. I found the DISCREET ENCOUNTERS that lead me to all the great sites for MARRIED DATING.  Super easy, super fun and super safe.  I looked around and chatted with a couple different men.  I finally decided to meet with one and we had a great dinner at a discreet location, cocktails and then we decided to keep it out of our normal routine and went to a hotel.   At first I was nervous I wasn’t use to being with another man.  But my date really put me at easy and we agreed we would both only do what each other felt comfortable with.  So we soon started kissing and I never had a man take such control and know exactly what I wanted.  I came so many times I didn’t know was possible. He made me feel like a sex goddess and I was wanted, needed and desired.  I planned to meet again when we were both ready.  But we then went back to our regular life.  I then felt like myself again not a washed out lonely wife.  Things even improved with my marriage.  I didn’t feel resentful of my husband being gone and tired when he got home.  When he was away I would meet my lover and fulfill my other needs.  I never knew having an affair would change my life for the better.