In many countries  for centuries through out the world having  EXTRA MATARTIAL AFFAIRS was a norm and tradition.  In the east Geisha were brought up to entertain business and wealthy men alike.  In the middle east  and India it is known that some royals had whole harems of women and wives. In many different countries it was the norm for a man to have many wives or mistresses.  The mistress is a well known part of history and human nature.  The mistress kept the man sexually happy while the wife kept his home happy.  In present time with the women and men both working out of the home its hard to keep the each other sexually happy and everyone and home happy too.  There just isn’t enough time and in a lot of ways both parties men and women alike feel spent, stressed and unfulfilled.  In this day an age we can look outside our regular routine and find some release and escape from that through marred dating and Discreet Encounters.  Many people aren’t looking to leave their marriage or their home they just need an escape and if that what keeps the whole thing running so be it.  You can look online and meet someone in the same situation, no strings attached, no drama.  Just an escape.  Return to your regular life and routine feel revived and relaxed ready to take on whatever life has to throw at you.