The amazing benefits of water is simply amazing.  Bascially in so many situations  a cure all.  Since water makes up most of our body when we don’t have any enough our body doesn’t function properly.  Dehydration is a big problem for most of us and most of us don’t even realize we are dehydrated.  When dehydrated our brain and organs don’t function 100% .  This makes us moody, not feeling , tried well and definitely not interested in SEX Drinking more water not only help our body function on a better level but so does our mind.  The water we take in can not only help our bodies on the inside but on the outside as well.  Drinking water lead to clearer, brighter healthier skin, including a lot of water in your diet help maintain a healthily weight.  Thus making you feel sexier about yourself.  Water also helps to keep our body flushed of toxins , this helps us stay healthy and also helps to smell good and taste good in all areas especially between our thighs.  Drink an extra glass or two and awaken your healthy sexier you.