February 2014


If your lover or fling has a pet you need to be cautious of the hair and smells you might be bringing home with you as well.  Coming home [...]

Beware of Smell

When conducting an affair beware of smells.  I know as a women smells for me are a huge determiner of how I feel about a person.  Pheromones really can [...]

Taste Good!

I am sure your wondering what this post could possibly be about?  Its all about taste baby.  If something taste good your more inclined to come back for more.  [...]

Another Disappointing Day

For a lot of us out there Valentine's Day was another disappointing day.  Hoping our spouse would turn up the heat or even acknowledge the lovers holiday at all [...]

Hungry For More?

You have met with a lover and had a small fling and now you are hungry for more!  The exhilaration of having an encounter that made your toes curl [...]

What A Girl Really Wants

What does a girl really want?  A man to want her, to lust after her, to swoon over her that's what a girl really wants.  She wants to hear [...]

Big Personality

Wanting to look for someone with a Big Personality?  Well there are lots of men young and old with plenty  of personality to offer. A lot of times they are [...]

Spicing It Up For The Big Day

Want to look for something to spice it up for the big lovers holiday?  Try something different and hot.  Here are a few tips on how to get it [...]

Valentines Day

Valentines Day is tomorrow?  Be ready for both your spouse and your lover!  Also a sure fire way not to get caught with having an affair is to make [...]

How To Make Your Choice

You might be wondering how to choose the right partner to have a fling with?  What should you look for?  What shouldn't you look for?  Well the choice is [...]

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