Alas, all good things still do come to an end, and this applies to your

affair as well. You’ve had great satisfying sex and good times together,

but things are starting to feel stale or even worse, you’re beginning to

get overly emotional and intimate with with them. Don’t overlook things

like this regardless of whose side its on, these kinds of problems rarely

go away with time. On the contrary, letting a problem within an affair blossom

can not only affect you in the basic sense, but bleed into your marriage as

well. Therefore, ending an affair is something that must be handled with great

care indeed, and we’re going to help you learn how to do it.

1. Phone Calls Recommended

Since you shouldn’t have as many emotional obstacles, you don’t need to go

through the big breakup ceremony that normally comes with a relationship. Simply

put, you can break up with them any way you choose. Whether it be via text,

through email, or over the phone, just be sure to keep things polite. Leaving

things on a bad note can only cause complications for you in the long run. When

it comes to regular relationships, in-person breakups are typically the best choice;

for affairs, however, we recommend an honest and polite phone call as the best


2. Say Thank You

You two have had some great times, so don’t let your hesitation over the dumping

process cancel out your gratitude. Thank them for the excitement you’ve shared

and wish them the best! This goes much further than you realize, and is

final-sounding enough to make sure that the other person receives a firm sense

of closure to the affair.

3. No Fighting

Don’t forget that the main point of the affair was to be able to have sex without

having to deal with the usual baggage that comes with sex. Definitely be as polite

as you can, but if they are trying to pull you into a fight or put a guilt trip on

you then it’s not going to be worth your effort. Remove yourself from the situation

mentally and/or physically and always be the bigger person. A fight serves absolutely

no purpose for either of you, so take control.

4. Don’t Explain Too Much

Remember that you don’t owe your affair partner much as far as explanations go.

As long as you have been honest from the beginning, then they know what they

signed up for. You can tell them exactly why and how you’ve lost interest in the

relationship, or be vague and just brush over it. Only explain as much or as little

as you feel like doing, it’s up to you!

5. Be Nice

There is no point in anger when it comes to ending your affair. What is there to get

angry about in the first place? You’ve had a great time and now that great time over.

It’s time to get on with your lives, and being polite is the first step in making sure

that happens. Don’t bring up things you didn’t like about your time with them, unless

you can think of a reason right now that this makes sense for you…exactly. Just don’t

do it. It’s over, finished. Adjust your mindset to reflect that, and things will be

much easier for both of you.

6. Cut Contact

Unless you plan on keeping the person around for a ‘friends with benefits’ type

relationship (which is highly risky), cutting contact completely with your affair

partner is definitely the best choice you have. It may be tempting to keep in touch,

but letting it go completely is the only real way to end the affair. Otherwise,

things can easily restart at any time, and you are unable to fully make a transition

back into your marriage or other interest.