I was young and single living on my own trying to find a job that paid the bills while I put myself through college.  I took a job as a personal assistant to a business man who sold pharmicuticals.  The job at first was pretty boring the usual typing, phone calls, set up appointments and such.  He was a handsome man, probably in his late 40’s, with dark hair and piecing blue eyes.  I knew he had a family and spoke about his wife a couple of times.  One late evening ,after working on a presentation all day  we decided to celebrate with a glass of wine.  One glass lead to another and before we both knew it we were sitting on the desk laughing.  He then grabbed me and forced a hard kiss on my lips, I was floored and at the same time completely excited.  I had fantasized about this but never thought it would come to reality.  I could feel him pushing me back onto the desk, he pushed my knees apart with his hips as he continues to kiss me.  My short skirt began to creep up as he moved in closer.  Soon the gap was met and I could feel his erection pushing hard against my now tingling hot crotch.  He whispered to me that he had been thinking about this for sometime but didn’t know if I would be interested in him.  Was he crazy?! I started to unbutton his pants.

I couldn’t wait to get him in my mouth to taste him.  He groaned as my lips touch the tip of his bulging cock.  I opened wide and an began sucking it taking it all the way back to my throat in long slow movements.  I glanced up and he was watching me and biting his lower lip trying not to loose it.  I want you,  his voice was low, I laid back on the desk and he  pulled up my skirt and pulled my panties to the side.  There was no warning he pushed inside me, I gasped at the burning which sooner turned into pleasure as he continued to enter me and I became wetter and wetter with the motion.  I could feel my organism building as he moved into me.  I didn’t know I could feel so good.  He whispered  come for me baby and I spasmed underneath him. He came quickly after me spilling his warm load inside of me.  I sat up I couldn’t believe what just happened.  The simple question of where we go from here was never asked and now I was left waiting for our next encounter.