So your looking for some fun married date ideas.  Something to ignite each others desires.  Here are a couple ideas to keep hot and discreet!

Order In- Plan a night of oriental delights. Place lots of pillows on the floor, with take out sushi and a fun message oil everyone will have a happy ending.

Spa Night- bubble bath, foot massages, strawberries and champagne. A relaxing and stimulating evening all in one!

Body Paints and Black Light- So you really want to get funky?  Try some body paints and a black light and get your avatar on.  Just make sure they are washable!

Arabian Nights- hookah, spicy foods and sweet sugary treats. Try an edible massage or lotion and pull out the Kama Sutra sex positions book of love and find your perfect pleasure position.

These are just some fun ideas to keep it exciting and fun. That’s why you are here to add excitement and fun back in your sex life. So go outta the box and you might find your lover will enjoy it too.