Beware of giving and receiving Valentines Day gifts from your lover.  This is a time when many spouse especially ones that might have any suspicions will be looking to find traces of gifts that are neither for them or from them.  This is a perfect time to get caught! So don’t get caught!  Make sure when getting your lover a gift for Valentines Day do it discreetly. Pay with cash and do not keep the receipt period! Destroy it.  If the store asks you any information regarding the purchase either make something up or refuse to give them any.  Do not take the gift home and try to hide it.  If your spouse finds it and doesn’t say anything to you about it because they don’t want to ruin the surprise then come Valentines Day they don’t receive it then you are pretty much screwed.  In some cases the store will hold it for you or deliver it for you and you can take it directly to your lover

Also, beware of showing something off you received this month stating you got it for yourself either it be jewelry, clothes, whatever don’t show off a gift your lover gave to you,  this is a sure fire way of getting caught .  To be on the safe side you and your lover can plan your own secret holiday. Preferably not in the month of February and celebrate and exchange gifts then  That way there is no chance of getting caught. Be smart don’t get caught.