So you are wondering who to have some discreet encounters with?  How to choose an awesome lover.  Here are a few pointers to help you choose your perfect affair mate.

  1. He has an awesome appetite.  Not woof it down in 10 seconds flat but can put away a lot and savor each bite.
  2. Eye Contact.  How does he look at you is it intense or boring in dull this is a sure sign of how he is going to be in the sack.
  3. Does he brag about how great in bed he is?  This is a sure way to find out that he probably is not as great as he claims. Men who brag feel they need to boost their own self confidence.  Instead maybe bragging about how he can please you would be better.

No matter what the signs may be, we all have an idea of what we are looking for.  Use your inner instincts they usual will lead you in the right direction and hopefully that is to the bedroom!