So you are looking for a great fuck.  How do you know she is going to be awesome in the sack.  Here are a few pointers to look out for.  That way you know you will have an amazing time in bed and a great fling.

  1. Her Voice: The way she talks to you, does it give you a hard on just to hear it?  That is a sure sign you will be compatible in the bedroom.
  2. She knows what she wants and she is not afraid to ask for it.  The I don’t know? What do you want to do?  Is a sad wrap.  A lover who know what she wants not only is going to make sure she gets pleasure but you do too.  Thus taking some of the guess work out of the bedroom for you.
  3. Body Language:  Is she an awesome dancer?  How does she move her body?  When she talks to you does she lean in close or does she back off.  Is she self confident or meek?  This is a sure sign of how she is going to act in the sack.

Of course these are all good signs to know what may be to come.  But follow your own caveman instincts and your bound to find the right mate.