The key to successful married dating is to know how to give a great blow job.  Every man loves to have it sucked so why not be able to give your lover the blow job of a life time.  Here are a couple of step so that you are able to take it deep and to completion.

  1.  With a peeled banana open your mouth a slowly move it towards the back of your throat.
  2. You will start to hit the back of the throat and start to gag. Don’t move the banana hold it there.
  3. Keep breathing through your nose and try to relax.
  4. Hold the banana in the back of your throat for 10 seconds . Try doing this a couple of times a week.
  5. Once you have accomplished just holding the banana in the back of your throat try moving it back and forth.
  6. In the coming weeks your gag reflex wont be as sensitive and you will be able to control the gagging.
  7. Finally try this on your man I am sure he won’t be disappointed.

Who would have thought you could deep throat.