Sometimes with affair and online married dating there is an assumption that you when you meet for the first or for the fifth time you are excepted to go all the way.  This is not the case.  Of course there are a lot of meeting that go that way which is great if that is what is agreed a pone but in some  cases the first meeting might just be that a meeting to see if once you meet in person if there is any chemistry.  Just because you met on a married dating site and are meeting person doesn’t mean anyone is excepted to do anything.  Sometime is best just to meet and discuss with each other what each other is looking for and if each party is able or wanting to consent to that.

Also maybe meeting a couple of times ahead of actually going all the way not only build excitement but can also relax the both soon to be lovers, thus making their experience more enjoyable.  Each meeting can lead to a little more and more especially when it is something completely new to both parties. Remember you are in control of your own affair and what happens and doesn’t happen, never feel pressured into doing anything that you are not ok with.  Enjoy yourself and your new discreet encounter and let nature take its course either fast or slow.