When participating in online married dating make sure you are reaching and participating far out of any social or business circles that could connect you to your private life.  This a safe guard to ensure you do not get caught.  You don’t want to try to have a lover who participates in the same routines as you and your spouse i.e. Saturdays at the same gym, going to the same restaurants and in some cases its best not to even go out in the same town as your fling may live or you.  Its best to reach far beyond that unless you plan on never being seen in public which is also an option for many  affair couples.  Sometimes having a lover who is at all connected to your private or social life in anyway can possibly cause a problem for either party.  That why it is always best to try to keep your private life completely separate than your affair life.  In the end it will help avoid any mishaps that might arise.  So make sure to reach far beyond your normal routines and find something new for both you and your fling.