Many of us men and women in married relationship end up gaining weight.  Lets just say the old gray mare ain’t  what she use to be. But that old gray mare still wants to enjoy some action in the bedroom.  Sometime unfortunately our spouse don’t always understand the weight gain.  Either it be from children, age, stress at our jobs or just not the time we use to have for ourselves leads to lack of exercise and over eating.

Unfortunately this also leads to a lack in our sex drive and a lack of sexual desire and attraction in some cases from our significant others as well.  Maybe that doesn’t mean your marriage is doomed it just means that the sex isn’t there anymore.  That doesn’t mean that it cant be retrieved again!  Looking here at married dating and discreet encounters gives you the advantage of finding someone who is interested in you for you now not what you use to look like 20 years ago.  People come in all shapes and sizes and they are also desired in all shapes and sizes as well.  So don’t let your weight decide your sexual fate, find a fling today and fill your needs that your current relationship is not.