When dealing with online married dating sites don’t be afraid to ask for a second date.  That doesn’t mean that you are looking for a continued relationship but it does mean that you have enjoyed that person and what they have to offer.  If it works for them and what the contingencies that were set forth in the first place than don’t be afraid to ask to meet again.  If you can continue to have an enjoyable affair together than why not with the same person.  Keep in mind that doesn’t mean they are exclusively having an affair with only you or vice versa.  You can keep having an exciting continued fling with someone as long as both parties are happy and willing to continue it.  At any point the other party feels they need to leave, no feelings should be hurt and remember what the affair was all about not leaving their current partner or spouse.  Just remember to have a good time and don’t let emotions drive your affair let your sex drive!