Being vocal during sex is a super turn on. Lying there not saying a word gives your lover no indication of how your feeling or what you like or don’t like.  Since you cant read each other minds be vocal.  A little dirty talk goes a long way and in the process you not only can get your partner hot but get what you want and how you want it.  Talking to your lover about how hard or soft you want it, slow or fast, what positions feel good.  Letting each other know what doesn’t feel good is also very important.  Women sometimes end up not enjoy sex because sometimes it just doesn’t feel good.  Being vocal about what doesn’t will make your partner happy to change so that he know his hard work is getting appreciated.  Nobody wants to have a bad experience when having an affair that  is why your here because you are either not getting any sex or unhappy with the sex you are getting.  You alone have the ability to change that. Speak Up!