After leaving the office after our last encounter I could wait for us to be alone again.  His piercing blue eyes and thin smile on his perfect mount made me mad to fee his touch again.  I wanted him and he knew he had struck accord deep inside me.  He asked me for a late dinner after work one evening he said his wife would be outta town and to come over and have a nice meal so of course I said yes.  When I arrived he was cooking and I jumped in and helped. I opened a bottle of wine and poured us two giant glasses.  We and drank until my head started to swim and my smile wouldn’t seem to fade.  He leaned over the dinning table and kissed me soft of the lips I almost forgot where I was for a moment.  He said lets go up stairs he took my hand and I followed.  I fell back on the bed almost giggling with excitement and he joined me.  We were drunkenly kissing as we I pulled off his T-shirt and push myself against him,. His body was warm against my breast.  I felt his hands move up my back to remove my dress and then kiss my neck.  I was loving very moment.  I unbuttoned his jeans and immediately his hardness pushed against me.  He slid his pants off and rubbed his warmness up and down my inner thighs.  I wanted him inside me so bad.  I laid back and let him work his cock up and down my thigh until reached my needed pussy. I moaned with excitement.  I open my leg to invite him in and still he teased rubbing the throbbing head against my quivering labia.  He pushed a little harder through the lips to my now hard as a rock clit and circled it with his hot pulsing member.  Please I gasped as I begged him to enter me.  He moved in slowly picking my hips up to his as he sat back.  Tell me again please he said and I did. Please, Please, Please. I said a million times in my head. He pushed deep inside, covered him, waves of ecstasy poured over me. Again and again he pushed inside, deep and deep. I could feel him getting harder and me getting wetter I clinched around his beautiful cock and I felt him spill into me with a teeth grinding groan.  This was pure excitement, pure ecstasy and I wanted more.