Maybe this may be a no brainer.  When meeting for the first time or the third time for your discreet encounter being clean is important!  Especially from a woman’s  point of view. Being  clean and smelling great is a huge turn on.  Nobody wants a lover who stinks literally or in bed. Taking care of your body and your body odor shows you have confidence and self esteem and know how and what to get what your want.  A little cologne or perfume goes a long way. Don’t over do it!  You don’t want your partner to smell like another women or man when they return home.  Also some people are really sensitive when it comes to smells it can be either a big turn on or turn off.  This goes not only for your body but dental hygiene as well,  having bad breath is a turn off!  I don’t care who you are nobody wants to kiss someone whose mouth smells like an ash tray or trash can.  Take a little extra time with yourself not only will your lover be impressed but you might just impress yourself.