When having any kind of sexual interaction with your lover using a condom is not only for birth control but mainly for protection against STD’s. Don’t be an idiot always use a condom, always make your male lover use a condom.  As much as you think you know a person you don’t and you don’t know how many other sexual partners they may have or what kind of STD’s they might be bringing to the table.  Plus you don’t want to carry anything home to your spouse including a baby. So here are a couple top condoms to try that are on the market.  This way you can make your affair a stress free fling.

  • Trojan-Ultra Ribbed Ecstasy: Feels like nothings there smooth lube last a long time and the ribs make it more pleasurable.
  • Lifestyles X2: Greater sensitivity so you feel more. Lubricated inside and out. Extra stimulation with a cool tingly feeling.
  • Trojan Her Pleasure Ecstasy: Ribbed at the tip and smooth at the base for her pleasure!
  • Durex Extra Sensitive: Super thin the closets to skin to skin sensation.  Helps the man keep an erection.

Mix it up and find what works best for you!