When you think of fantasy what come into you head unicorns and princesses is not the answer I was looking for.  How about something hot, lustful, passionate and dark all at the same time?  You might also be in to something more light, soft and romantic.  Roll playing can be an awesome way to heat up any affair.  You already have the excitement of the affair so why not take it to the next level?

With your new discreet encounters you can be whoever you like and so can they.  Roll playing can be exciting and fun.  There are a endless amount scenarios.  You could each pick something and have it as a surprise for the other.  Or a grab bag of different ones you choose from and play them out on each new encounter.  You can get super freaky ( leather whips and handcuffs) or keep it tame ( pool boy/gardener comes by the trim the bushes and you offer him more than a glass of lemonade).  No matter what you both agree a pone really getting into character can help you let go of any inhabitations you may have and make it an experience you wont forget.