Kissing you think may be over rated?  Think again, kissing is a huge determiner for men and women if they want to go any further.  Kissing sometimes can also be a sign of what is to come in the bedroom as well.  Fast and sloppy might not be for everyone.  Long and hard kissing might be a sign of long, hard, lustful sex.

Studies show that women after 15 minutes of kissing are at the same arousal level of 30 of oral sex performed on them.  Kissing can be super seductive and can make the anticipation of what to come even greater.  We aren’t just talking about kissing on the mouth,  kissing the neck, ears, inner thighs, nipples. etc… on both parties can get the blood pumping to all the right parts and really set the stage for some great love making.

So next time instead of going right for the gusto try a good 20 minutes of Kissing the Super Four Play.  Not only can you prolong the pleasure but make the ride to the top even smoother.