Having a plan for your discreet encounters is of course the best way to have a successful affair.  Once meeting someone on the Ashley Madison network of trusted married dating sites, have an idea of what your looking for.  Younger, older, blonde, brunette, tall, short, the list could go on forever but knowing what your looking for is always a plus.  But don’t rule out someone because of these aspects. You never know what might float your boat and now you have the power to make that choice.

Once chatting have a plan of exactly where you are going to meet and what the agenda may be.  Is it meet at a bar, hotel or restaurant?  Meeting in a parking lot and flying by the seat of your pants may be a sure fire way not only for your date to not be amused but also a chance of being caught.

What is the agenda?  Are you planning on eating or just drinks?  Or are you both just wanting to getting down to business?  In the case of getting down to business, know ahead of time what your new lover might like in the sac. Going in with the same old techniques might not work the way they have with your current partner.

Don’t be a control freak.  Make sure to let your soon to be fling make some suggestions as to what, where and how.  They might turn you on to a new experience that will make coming back for more well work the risk.