Wanting to start your first or second date off in the right direction.  Having a couple of cocktails or drinks is always the way to go.  It relaxes the mind and increases the senses.  Opening up the door for good thing to come.  Here are a couple of fun ice breaker Martinis  to get the balls rolling in the right direction.

WET AND DIRTY: Strong and sophisticated, a wet and dirty martini may be a cue of what is to follow later that evening.

LEMON DROP: Is a sweet yet seductive way to start your night. Licking the sugar off the rim could really help build some anticipation.

COMOPOLITAIN: Classic and fun.  Show your date you know what you want.

STRAIGHT UP MARTINI: The original Gin Martini.  Hopefully this will help with other thing to stand straight up as well.

No matter what your drink of choice may be remember to relax and have fun.