I wanted more, a lot more and I wasn’t getting it.  I wanted some real sex, some hardcore sex and I wasn’t getting it.  So I went looking and I found Discreet Adultery a site for married dating and discreet encounters.  I was able to meet someone who was looking for the same thing.  Hardcore with no strings attached.  I met my match at a convenient location for both of us and we quickly got down to business.

Since we had already chatted about our wants and needs and the terms of our affair we were able to get to what we both came here for  THE SEX.  I was ready it had been a long time since I had felt this much arousal.  After a couple of drinks we headed back to the room.  We started with some kissing which soon turned passionate and I slowly worked my hand down his pants to feel his anticipation mean while his fingers moved up my leg and to my lace panties. I could feel myself getting hotter and wetter.  After my continued rubbing and caressing of his hard member.  He moved my panties to the side and slid one finger in my now dripping wet pussy.  I sighed not having felt so horny in such a long time and soon  a second finger was pushed in and I lost my breath for a second.  I then unbuttoned his pants and licked the swollen head of his penis, he moaned with pleasure he had said he wife hadn’t sucked his cock in years and he yearned for it.  I then took the whole thing in my mouth. Back and forth I jerked my head and licked the tip with my tongue while his cock was in my mouth.  Soon he pulled my hair back to stop before it was too late.  He pushed me back on the bed, I quickly took my wet panties off and he buried his face in my pussy.  My head was swimming my husband hadn’t had any interest in eating my pussy since we had gotten married.  Soon my match starting working my hard clit with his tongue, around and around until I couldn’t stand it anymore my whole body trembled with the orgasm.  I then turned over on all fours and let him take me from behind.  He entered me hard over and over grabbing my hips and pushing deep inside.  I felt myself clinching around his pulsing cock.  Soon his short pulls and quickening breath turned into him exploding inside me and I then followed moaning from the sensation.

After it was over I felt like I hadn’t in years relaxed and satisfied.  We both left knowing we got what we came for and could meet again or not without the stresses of a relationship.  We  went back to our lives knowing we could have everything we wanted in a sex life without the drama.