It’s easy to think that you can just say “Whoops, I just clicked the wrong link,” but we all know it’s

never that easy. This is especially true if they have caught you fully in the act. If you married

someone who probably won’t let you off the hook so easily, you should have thought of this long before

you got on the site in the first place. If you haven’t been caught yet, you should definitely begin

crafting a plan in case you are caught NOW. For some people this is no problem, especially if they

actually did stumble upon the website by chance. But if you are someone who is truly a part of the site

as an active member, getting caught by your spouse or anyone else is always a bad thing. So what do you

do in the instance you get caught? Read on friend, and find out!

It Wasn’t You

The time-tested strategy of denial still works perfectly in the right situation. If you are set and ready

to click and close all of your dating site windows at any given moment, you can avoid a problem by just

keeping a cool head and not appearing suspicious. If you are deeply involved on the site as an active

member, it’s as simple as denying you have been there at all. Reinforcing this denial with a fake profile

that you have already created does wonders as well, in case you are being pushed to open your page and login.

In this case, you are able to tell your wife that your friend of a friend gave you his login information

and that you were just curious which is how she caught you. At the end of the day, even if she doesn’t

completely buy your excuse she still won’t have enough evidence to convict you with the act of participating

in online dating (even if it’s the truth!). Simple browsing of a dating site isn’t what your wife will be

most upset about, it’s the actual fact that you have an active account that will be a big problem. So deny,

deny, deny! It wasn’t you, and you were just browsing the site for the first time.

The Dismissive Escape

Ok, so you have been truly caught with any and all evidence that your wife could have. It is tempting to give

in, but not necessary. Don’t claim the guilt; instead just put it off as ‘one of those things men do’ and

leave it at that. Don’t entertain or get too involved in a heated argument or discussion about it. True,

this may not be the healthiest way to solve the issue, but much better than giving your wife the leverage

she needs to make the problem bigger and bigger. The casual approach is best, just tell her it isn’t that big

of a deal as she is making it out to be. If this isn’t enough to cure her anger, make a show out of cancelling

the accounts and spending much less time on the computer for awhile. Presents always help! It is important that

you win back her favor by doing nice things for her to take her mind off of what she has caught you doing. Most

people find it impossible to pick a fight with someone that is being blatantly nice to them, your wife included.

Prevention is Best: Be Proactive

Prevention is always better than cleaning up after you’ve been caught, so the best approach is one in which

you learn how to cover your tracks properly. Don’t leave room for error, and there typically won’t be one!

Remember, this is a situation in which the details matter greatly if you want to be successful

1. Master how to delete or hide your computer’s browsing history.The best way to do this is to purposely

put or leave normal websites in your browser so that it looks natural. If your history is blank all of the time,

your wife will obviously catch on and think you are hiding something.  So delete the problem sites (the dating

sites), and leave everything else where it is. Most browsers, like Google Chrome, also have an ‘incognito’ option

that lets you browse anonymously without leaving tracks in your browsing history. Use yours! Also, REMEMBER your

computer passwords, don’t write them down. There’s no point in leaving potential loose ends lying around when you

don’t have to.

2. Your phone is even more important than your computer when it comes to being proactive. You have to strike

the right balance between not being too obviously secretive with your phone, while being vigilant at the same time.

Figure out the inner workings of your phone so that you never miss a potential problematic website log, and be thorough.

Some phones, especially smartphones, can keep multiple copies of your browsing history in diferent

places, so learning where all of them are is the only way to be sure. Try to keep your phone within your reach as

often as possible as well, somewhere that you don’t have to sprint across the room to pick up suspiciously when it


3. Never use shared credit cards to pay for any part of an affair dating site. Need we say more?

4. Always double check that all of your windows or closed on your computer after you’ve used it.

It is easy to not see a minimized window, but your wife can and will bring these windows back up

if you just put your computer to sleep instead of shuting it down all the way.

More than anything else, simply adopt a careful mindset. Don’t leave your personal things lying around just anywhere.

Wives, and spouses in general for that matter, are very suspicious creatures by nature, so much so that the smallest

of things can trigger her/him to investigate you. If you are caught though, remember to avoid confrontation and blow-ups

no matter what. Deny if you must, and when you can’t deny, just dismiss everything. You know your wife dont’ you? So use

what you know to throw her off the scent of being jealous of your online activities. If you can throw her off long enough,

she will forget. And once she forgets, you’re free!