When meeting your date for the first time or the fifth.  Having a couple of things to make the experience more favorable for all involved is some great lube, Sorry guys and gals as much as you spit on something it is going to get dry again and eventually uncomfortable.  So if you would like to keep your discreet encounters as smooth as possible in every way have a couple on hand and add some fun and slickness to your date.

1. Warming Lubricants– The lube adds a warming sensation to all areas applied, adding some fuel to the fire, also works well on the outside of a condom.  Start with a pea size and work your way up due to the fact women are more sensitive then men.

2. Water Based Lubricants-Most lubes on the market these  days are water based. Water Based Lubricants are usually top notch due to the fact they work great for people with sensitive skin and don’t break down condoms.

3. Oil Based Lubricants-These provide great lubrication without the slick feel, sometimes olive oil can serve as great lube. Be aware these can cause latex condoms to tear but  are ok with polyurethane condoms.  This is more a lubrication for men as it could be irritating to the vagina.

4. Flavored Lubricants-These can serve  double duty in the bedroom, You can have some fun and break the ice when it comes to oral sex with a great tasting flavored lube.  Do some taste testing before to make sure you like the flavor before you cover your partner in it.

Whatever you might choose bringing a goody like these to a hook up is a great idea to get everybody in the right mood.