Are you a stay at home mom or wife and your husband is gone a lot for work and when he is home is very unavailable?  unavailable either due to stress on the job or sleep schedule or maybe just not interested in bedroom activities with you anymore?

Are you lacking intimacy in your relationship?  Every women needs that to well feel like a women. Romance, intimacy, the need to be needed (and not just to make sure you have clean socks and that the kids have been fed). Most women that stay at home spend little to no time on themselves. Even though they love their family and wouldn’t give it up for the world, are missing a big part of fulfillment for themselves.

Discreet Encounters and Married Dating is a great way to have that intimacy and other sexual and non sexual needs met without changing or leaving your family or marriage.  Check out the links on the right to get started.

You never know what you might find and how happy you could actually be. You don’t need to be lonely anymore!