So you want to meet your lover but either you or them can’t make it happen.  Either they live to far away or both of your schedules in your private lives aren’t coinciding.  Plan a date online, set up a chat with each other. Of course this is much better with a webcam, then just your normal chat session.  A video chat let you see and talk to each other while being somewhere completely different.  This way you can be with each other even if your not together.  Start with maybe a drink and a glass of wine to get the mood started and feel free to start the naughty talk,  you can show each other all kinds of goodies through the camera.  Maybe play a game to see who has to take what off first.  Pleasure yourself in front of each other.  Take turns or do it together.  Girls get out your vibrators and show him what you want him to do to you.  Guys show her how you liked it stroked!  This can be a truly educational date as well as thrilling.  After this encounter just think how good its going to be when you finally get to be with each other in the flesh.  So if you cant directly be together you can still cum together.