The Importance of a second cell phone should not be over looked.  Having a second cell phone is perfect when participating in married dating.  This allows you to have your regular use cell with no worries of someone snooping around on it and finding something like texts, emails or calls to or from your lover.  Of course keeping this in a safe place is also important,  as well as deleting  all info on it just to be safe that way if it is found you can merely say it was something for work or a buddy left in your car.

With cell phones today we recommend picking up one that is prepaid.  Which you can find these everywhere, even your local gas station might sell them. Use cash for the prepay and then there is no contract, no billing statement, no paper trail.  This way you can keep contact with your lover and other discreet encounters without the worry of the unwanted phone call or text when you are with your spouse.

It is always better to be safe than sorry.