Looking for something to start your fling off right?  Start with some of these aphrodisiacs ! They  will help get the blood pumping down to the right areas to guarantee sexual pleasure not only to your tongue  but your other sensual places as well!

1. Hot Chilies:  Increase circulation to get the blood pumping and stimulates nerve endings to help you feel hornier.

2. Avocados:  Pack a punch of hormones to increase vaginal lubrication and clitoris swelling. Who doesn’t love a wet pussy and a hard clit?

3. Watermelon: Mimics the chemicals in Viagra and in a women relaxes the blood vessels and speeds up circulation.

4. Chocolate:  Procedures a stimulant that tells the brain to be happy.  Thus making you happy in other ways as well.

5. Raw Oysters: This one may be a no brainier.  Oysters release testosterone  in men (boner) and estrogen in women (juicy).  They have been linked to a higher sex drive in both men and women.

Trying one or all of these goodies could help your sexual experience be more enjoy! Bon Appetite!