With February approaching don’t get caught up in the all the romance.  You are here to have a no strings attached, no drama affair and so are most people on this site.  You want to stay in your marriage probably for a number of reasons but want to branch out because you are unsatisfied with the actual sex you are receiving or not receiving and that’s why you are here looking for that.  Not to meet the love of your life.  So don’t catch the love bug, state your feelings and what you are wanting and not wanting up front when chatting with a possible hook up. Let them know this is only a temporary  fling and you want it to stay that way.  If too many feelings come into play then so does problems and drama and eventually hurt feelings.  Being up front from the beginning is always your best bet and if one or both of the partners feels something has gone to far then its best to cut the fling off and move on immediately.  Neither of you want to mess up what you currently have in your life.  Thing before getting too emotionally involved your affair will suffer from it and so will your marriage. So if you feel that little keep crawly crawling on you its best to smash it!