So you are looking to find a great place to get it on with your new lover or new married dating partner?  There are always a ton of motel and hotels to choose from but what about thinking outside the box?  How about something a little more exciting and fun?  Here are a couple of sexy ideas to make your affair well worth it!

The Beach-  Finding a secluded spot on the beach under a large umbrella and big cozy blanket can be a perfect romancing spot.

The golf course- Stopping along the course and hiding behind some brush, where you can really get a hole in one.

The Bathroom- Be it restaurant, bar, or movie theater meeting in the bathroom for a quickie can be a last resort but a memorable one.

The motel- Of course this my be a go to but what if you don’t tell your fling where your going and have the room prepared before you arrive. For example- Candles, rose petals on the bed, wine or champagne, bubble bath, message oil, or music.

The Car- This might be a little high school style but finding a very secluded spot or empty parking lot might just work to best.  Hop in the back and get it on! Just make sure there is no evidence left behind.

These are all sexy spots to get it on in or at!  So spice up your game and try something different.