So if your a women looking for an affair or lover.  You have a foot up in this online affairs dating game.  Most women looking to have an affair with someone are not wanting to leave their current relationship or marriage due to many aspects.  They are still in love with their husband just not being sexually satisfied, sometime their spouses are older and sex is no longer a part of their life but that doesn’t mean that they want to find a life with someone else just something sexually.  Having children also plays a big part in not leaving a marriage this goes without saying children really do better with growing up in a household with both parents present and happy.

We as women do have a foot up considering there is about 1 women for every 13 men looking online for a lover.  That gives us a huge advantage over men.  It also helps us state the rules and conditions to the affair or discreet encounters. Such as where, what and when.  So don’t think just because we might be the meeker sex we can’t get what we want. Why have an affair if your not getting what your want, your just putting yourself back in the same sexual situation you are already in. So get both feet up and live it up! You have the power!