What should I bring to my date you might be wondering?  Well its best to come prepared because you really don’t want to get “caught with your pants down”  in a stupid situation that could easily be avoided.

A Gift:

Bringing your date a nice ice breaker gift is always a great way to start your meeting off right.  Flowers for women or a sexy pair of panties.    For him maybe a single red rose, small box of chocolates or if he drinks maybe a small bottle of his favorite liquor.


This is  wise for both parties you don’t want to be using your card credit or writing checks at places that will possibly be questioned by your husband or wife.  Cash is a simple easy way to pay without a trace.  Plus its pretty much excepted everywhere.


This might be a no brainer but always “cum” prepared.  Safe sex is important not only for birth control but for STD’s.  This is an easy step to make sure not only you feel comfortable but your lover does too. No one wants to be going home wondering if they are bring a STD home with them or worse yet to their spouse.

Something Fun:

You are looking for something different and exciting that’s why you are meeting someone to have an affair with.  So bring something new and fun to your date. Maybe some flavored massage oil or lubrication, fun condoms, or a small vibrator.  Maybe hold off on extreme  fetish toys until you have established that this something each other would be interested in.  You don’t want to scare your date off.

Clean Clothes and Shower Bag:

Depending on your situation you don’t want to come home smelling or looking like you have just been fucking for the last 2 hours.  You don’t want to make a change of clothes noticeable either be smart go with close to what your had on or make sure you don’t get to intimate with your lover with your clothes on.  If there is lipstick on your collar or you come home reeking of another mans cologne your going to get caught!

Most important bring a great attitude to your date! Your both there to have fun, enjoy each and have an escape from your regular lives.