Once you have an affair partner, the tough part is often finding the right place to bring or spend time with them. The risk of discovery is definitely worth the extra effort it takes to carefully select a place to go, and there are rules that you have to stick by when looking for one. Listed below are the top 5 places for a married date, in order from best to worst choice.

#1 Motel

The best place to spend time with your affair partner is a place in which you two are free to express your feelings and let loose with each other. If both of you are married, daytime motel sex is hands down the best choice. Nighttime tends to look suspicious to your spouse in most cases, so try to steer away from it if possible. Try leaving home or work early and spending the extra time with your lover in a motel room. Most motels are OK with short time arrangements if you are going to be there less than a full day, just ask! But remember, always pay in cash.

#2 Your lover’s house

Is your lover single? If so, her place will be the most convenient place to go. You get all of the privacy you’re looking for without having to spend on a motel room, and he/she will be at their most comfortable which makes for a better time in general. This is only the second choice because it may sometimes be unavailable, where as motel rooms are always open somewhere.

#3 Secret Restaurants

In places like New York, there are many “secret restaurants” that are used to their patrons wanting to remain private. Some even help out the process by not listing their names on your credit card statements, so that your spouse sees nothing that looks ‘romantic.’ The occasional wine and dine is a great way to spend time with your affair partner, just be sure not to overdo it and turn it into a weekly routine.

#4 Your car

Classic high school style, the backseat of your car can be the perfect place to hook up when you have nowhere else to go. It is as simple as driving somewhere private and parking the car in a low-key spot. Quick and easy. The downside here is that you have to clean your car out thoroughly, since your spouse will usually be able to tell the differences if there are any. Make sure the vehicle looks AND smells the same as it did before, or you’ll be sorry.

#5 Internet

When all else fails, bring your date online. Technology is a wonderful thing, and there are many ways to enjoy yourself on the internet with your affair partner. If you’ve never tried cyber-sex before, why not branch out and try out now? You might discover something that you truly enjoy in the process. Otherwise though, apps like Skype and Google Hangout make it easy to spend time from a distance. The downsides here are obvious, if your spouse catches you chatting then you’re busted. However a little bit of caution will go a long way, so just be sure to¬†delete your history and cookies¬†as much as you can to avoid discovery.