I am so excited to have my first chance to be the sex goddess I always wanted to be! I went online to see what I was missing and found multiple guys looking for someone just like me!  My husbands job keeps him gone for weeks.  So that leaves me stuck at home a lot and alone.

I wanted someone with no strings attached, someone to have a couple of discreet encounters with.  I wasn’t looking to leave my husband.  I just wanted some great sex and companionship while he was away.  Everyone has needs even women.  I didn’t want to go through friends or the bar especially because I didn’t want anyone to know or have my husband find out.

I found Discreet Adultery which led me to think I definitely wasn’t the only one out there looking to have some great sex and a great time with no strings attached.  I never thought about married dating before because I never knew there was a way to find people and meet discreetly.  I am too young just to sit at home and let life pass me by.  This body and booty isn’t going to last forever and I am ready to have some fun with it while I still can!

I am loving my dates that I have had, and having some of the best sex of my life! Plus when my hubby comes home I can give him the time of his life too.  Best part is I am fulfilling all my fantasies and becoming the sex goddess of my dreams!