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Have A Plan


Having a plan for your discreet encounters is of course the best way to have a successful affair.  Once meeting someone on the Ashley Madison network of trusted married dating sites, have an idea of what your looking for.  Younger, older, blonde, brunette, tall, short, the list could go on forever but knowing what your looking for is always a plus.  But don’t rule out someone because of these aspects. You never know what might float your boat and now you have the power to make that choice.

Once chatting have a plan of exactly where you are going to meet and what the agenda may be.  Is it meet at a bar, hotel or restaurant?  Meeting in a parking lot and flying by the seat of your pants may be a sure fire way not only for your date to not be amused but also a chance of being caught.

What is the agenda?  Are you planning on eating or just drinks?  Or are you both just wanting to getting down to business?  In the case of getting down to business, know ahead of time what your new lover might like in the sac. Going in with the same old techniques might not work the way they have with your current partner.

Don’t be a control freak.  Make sure to let your soon to be fling make some suggestions as to what, where and how.  They might turn you on to a new experience that will make coming back for more well work the risk.


Ice Breakers, Martinis For Married Dating


Wanting to start your first or second date off in the right direction.  Having a couple of cocktails or drinks is always the way to go.  It relaxes the mind and increases the senses.  Opening up the door for good thing to come.  Here are a couple of fun ice breaker Martinis  to get the balls rolling in the right direction.

WET AND DIRTY: Strong and sophisticated, a wet and dirty martini may be a cue of what is to follow later that evening.

LEMON DROP: Is a sweet yet seductive way to start your night. Licking the sugar off the rim could really help build some anticipation.

COMOPOLITAIN: Classic and fun.  Show your date you know what you want.

STRAIGHT UP MARTINI: The original Gin Martini.  Hopefully this will help with other thing to stand straight up as well.

No matter what your drink of choice may be remember to relax and have fun.




Mirror Mirror


Mirror, mirror on the wall tell me who can get it all?  Well you can!  Looking to make your lover and yourself enjoy your naughty romp even more?

Bring a mirror into the bedroom.  Turn the lights down or light some candles for a soft glow.  Have your lover watch as you fuck him or her and then take a turn.  Watching yourselves is an awesome turn on and can really amp up the heat in the bedroom.  Its nice to see each others bodies from different angles and positions.  You might even enjoy trying some new positions in the mirror to keep it hot.  You want to live out your bedroom fantasies well here is your chance.

Why Use Online Dating Service


Why use an online dating service instead of just going out and looking to hook up somewhere.  For one thing privacy, if you are married you publically do not want to be picking up a lover.  A sure fire way of getting caught!  Discreet Adultery and The Ashley Madison network makes it easy to find someone who is looking for the same things you are without all the drama and no strings attached.

You can search for one or more discreet encounters in the privacy of your own home or where ever you might be via your phone, pc or tablet.  This makes finding a fling very convenient  and you skip the chase and the bar scene.

You have the ability to meet multiple married and single people looking to have an affair.  That want to try out married dating.  You chat, you meet up and you get it on, you go back to your regular life. The end its that simple!

How To Get Down and Dirty Doggie Style


So we all are looking for something more exciting and thrilling in the bedroom.  That why we are here to find someone to get down and dirty with.  So here are a couple of great tips to add to your doggie style.

  • Use short thrusts this will be keep him from coming. For the vagina your most sensitive parts are the first and 3 muscles and the shallow thrusting will be manipulated more with short shallow thrusting.
  • Keep him still and you ride it out. If you can keep him still and ride the tip it wont only be a wild ride for you but drive him crazy knowing your in control.
  •  Don’t be Shy! Since your not face to face in this position feel free to let your fantasies be know.  Some dirty sexy talk in this position is always a turn on for both parties.
  • A light spanking is something to add some flavor to the mix.  Remember to trade off as this isn’t just for one party.

Having some tips up your sleeve for your fling is always a good thing incorporate these into your next down on all four endeavor and you won’t be in the dog house.

How To Control The Gag Reflex


The key to successful married dating is to know how to give a great blow job.  Everyman loves to have it sucked so why not be able to give your lover the blow job of a life time.  Here are a couple of step so that you are able to take it deep and to completion.

  1.  With a peeled banana open your mouth a slowly move it towards the back of your throat.
  2. You will start to hit the back of the throat and start to gag. Don’t move the banana hold it there.
  3. Keep breathing through your nose and try to relax.
  4. Hold the banana in the back of your throat for 10 seconds . Try doing this a couple of times a week.
  5. Once you have accomplished just holding the banana in the back of your throat try moving it back and forth.
  6. In the coming weeks your gag reflex wont be as sensitive and you will be able to control the gagging.
  7. Finally try this on your man I am sure he won’t be disappointed.

Who would have thought you could deep throat.


3 Signs She Will Be a Great Fuck


So you are looking for a great fuck.  How do you know she is going to be awesome in the sack.  Here are a few pointers to look out for.  That way you know you will have an amazing time in bed and a great fling.

  1. Her Voice: The way she talks to you, does it give you a hard on just to hear it?  That is a sure sign you will be compatible in the bedroom.
  2. She knows what she wants and she is not afraid to ask for it.  The I don’t know? What do you want to do?  Is a sad wrap.  A lover who know what she wants not only is going to make sure she gets pleasure but you do too.  Thus taking some of the guess work out of the bedroom for you.
  3. Body Language:  Is she an awesome dancer?  How does she move her body?  When she talks to you does she lean in close or does she back off.  Is she self confident or meek?  This is a sure sign of how she is going to act in the sack.

Of course these are all good signs to know what may be to come.  But follow your own caveman instincts and your bound to find the right mate.

3 Signs He Will Be A Great Lover


So you are wondering who to have some discreet encounters with?  How to choose an awesome lover.  Here are a few pointers to help you choose your perfect affair mate.

  1. He has an awesome appetite.  Not woof it down in 10 seconds flat but can put away a lot and savor each bite.
  2. Eye Contact.  How does he look at you is it intense or boring in dull this is a sure sign of how he is going to be in the sack.
  3. Does he brag about how great in bed he is?  This is a sure way to find out that he probably is not as great as he claims. Men who brag feel they need to boost their own self confidence.  Instead maybe bragging about how he can please you would be better.

No matter what the signs may be, we all have an idea of what we are looking for.  Use your inner instincts they usual will lead you in the right direction and hopefully that is to the bedroom!

No Sleep No Sex


Studies show lack of sleep and lack of sex drive go hand in hand.  Sleep deprivation or lack of sleep can really put a damper on sexual activity or even wanting to have sex altogether.  Lack of sleep in men and women causes testosterone levels to drop which is the sex drive  hormone. This  can lead to a lot of other issues not just sex drive.  We should be getting at least 7 hours of sleep a night and for some people up to 10 for our bodies and libidos to be at maximum strength.  So don’t skimp on the sleep, if you want to be a great lover for your fling you better have one hell of a sex drive to back it up.  So get some sleep and get some sex.

I Was Young


I was young and single living on my own trying to find a job that paid the bills while I put myself through college.  I took a job as a personal assistant to a business man who sold pharmicutials.  The job at first was pretty boring the usual typing, phone calls, set up appointments and such.  He was a handsome man, probably in his late 40′s, with dark hair and piecing blue eyes.  I knew he had a family and spoke about his wife a couple of times.  One late evening ,after working on a presentation all day  we decided to celebrate with a glass of wine.  One glass lead to another and before we both knew it we were sitting on the desk laughing.  He then grabbed me and forced a hard kiss on my lips, I was floored and at the same time completely excited.  I had fantasized about this but never thought it would come to reality.  I could feel him pushing me back onto the desk, he pushed my knees apart with his hips as he continues to kiss me.  My short skirt began to creep up as he moved in closer.  Soon the gap was met and I could feel his erection pushing hard against my now tingling hot crotch.  He whispered to me that he had been thinking about this for sometime but didn’t know if I would be interested in him.  Was he crazy?! I started to unbutton his pants.

I couldn’t wait to get him in my mouth to taste him.  He groaned as my lips touch the tip of his bulging cock.  I opened wide and an began sucking it taking it all the way back to my throat in long slow movements.  I glanced up and he was watching me and biting his lower lip trying not to loose it.  I want you,  his voice was low, I laid back on the desk and he  pulled up my skirt and pulled my panties to the side.  There was no warning he pushed inside me, I gasped at the burning which sooner turned into pleasure as he continued to enter me and I became wetter and wetter with the motion.  I could feel my organism building as he moved into me.  I didn’t know I could feel so good.  He whispered  come for me baby and I spasmed underneath him. He came quickly after me spilling his warm load inside of me.  I sat up I couldn’t believe what just happened.  The simple question of where we go from here was never asked and now I was left waiting for our next encounter.

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